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want to collect money, but hate complicated weddings? A minimalist wedding is a good choice.

A very simple wedding,

it can take less than 30 minutes, with a cost of less than 50,000 yuan,

leave your own precious memories and unique meaning. We found three young people who held minimalist weddings and invited them to share their experiences on holding weddings.

I made a hasty decision to get married, that is, when my parents talked about the next day during the Spring Festival this year, they decided to get married on May 1.

from falling in love to getting married,

my husband and I have always thought that we can keep things simple.

so in order to give an account to our parents, we came up with the idea of holding a minimalist wedding.

first, I want to save my energy, and second, personally, I have not been particularly satisfied with some aspects of the traditional wedding, such as the bride's father leading the bride to the groom's hand. This is the picture I do not want to see.

it seems that the woman's parents have to burst into tears and the man has to be very happy.

traditional wedding, I always think its process is very long. I used to be a bridesmaid. I had to get up at 3:00 in the morning and start doing something I thought was a waste of time-

the bride wears makeup for an hour and then starts taking pictures of her morning gown. Then change into the second suit of receiving clothes and wait for the man to pick him up. There are also many links to pick up relatives, such as playing games or taking pictures.

but in fact, because everyone gets up very early, so they are not very sober.

after receiving marriage,

again in

take another picture on the way to the hotel

, and then change into the third suit-- go-out gauze.

after the change, when you get to the hotel, the girls have to put on makeup, put on the wedding dress for the ceremony, and hold the ceremony.

after the ceremony, put on a toast.

in fact, the whole process is in a hurry.

everything has to be done, but it's not necessary.

because the photos taken may never take a look, you might as well have a rest.

when we proposed a minimalist wedding, our parents were quite supportive of the idea. And my mother-in-law was very cute and asked us if we wanted to save money. If you want to economize, it doesn't matter, you can have a big wedding. I said no, I really like it.

our wedding process is very simple,

there is no reception, and there is no link for the father to pick up the bride.

it is by our relatives and friends to act as the host, and then the parents talk, toast the tea, and finally end. The time was very short, it only took half an hour.

the whole wedding was DIY by ourselves after receiving the task of holding the wedding. First went to the scene to step on the spot to take photos, and then the layout of the scene is also our own design, such as the design of some posters, as well as the wedding links, the control of the scene, and so on. Although the link is more refined than the traditional wedding, there are also more than 400 guests, all of whom should be taken care of.

is actually equivalent to organizing a large-scale annual meeting, so it is also a relatively big test.

almost all the people invited to the wedding are friends of our parents, but not many of our own friends. Because at the traditional wedding I attended before, I just had a meal, and I didn't talk or catch up with the newlyweds. In fact, as a friend of newlyweds, I want to stay with them for a while. So we decided to hold a party among friends on the Dragon Boat Festival alone and invite them to come and play together.

Young people have their own parties.

the party held by Xiao 11 and her husband on the Dragon Boat Festival

but the gathering of relatives is basically through marriage and funeral. The meaning of the wedding is that your relatives can witness the process of getting married and starting a career from childhood, which is a sense of satisfaction for them.

so we also left a lot of photos with our elders at the wedding. I hope there are no regrets about some things.

because I got married a little late, and the elders in my family are basically in their seventies and eighties, I cherish the time I spend with them very much.

of course, there will be some "unexpected accidents" at weddings. For example, at that time, there was a link in which the children came to get the ring for us. The 3-or 4-year-old child froze as soon as he came on stage, and he didn't know what he was carrying, so we hurriedly called him over and took the ring from his hand. It was fun. Even if the wedding is not particularly perfect,

but because it is your own DIY, you will have a great tolerance for it and think that even if there is a flaw, it is a perfect flaw.

now I still feel very happy to think of it.

in fact, I think the most important thing is to be happy about a wedding. Whether it's a complex wedding or a traditional wedding, don't care too much about other people's comments, just be happy.

I got married on National Day last year.

my mother suggested that we go on a trip to get married, but we can get some money for the wedding here, which is particularly attractive to me. In addition, I also hope to invite relatives and friends to join us so that everyone can have fun, so we decided to have a wedding.

I have been to some relatives' before.Weddings are all luxurious, and the cost of the wedding is more than 30,000 yuan, but I don't think the money is worth it.

because it is an one-time expense.

and I am more stingy, so I don't think this expense is very necessary.

so when preparing for the wedding, I made a list of the approximate amount of each item of expenses, such as how much to rent a wedding dress, how much to celebrate, how much to take wedding photos, how many rings to buy. In the end, I think the budget for all weddings (excluding banquets) can be controlled at 10,000 yuan.

in this way, half a year before the wedding, we began to prepare.

because I work in Shenzhen every day, and I don't have time to go back to my hometown, I always communicate with the wedding company online and tell them the tone I want, and they provide me with the cases I have done before. I took a look at it and decided on the final plan.

actually holding a wedding is really tiring. During that time,

I basically spend all my time thinking about how to do these things except at work.

is also working on the plan with the wedding planner, and keeps buying those decorated things. Even I squeezed a time to try on the wedding dress, and I tried on makeup only two days before the wedding, but I was lucky and didn't make it particularly bad.

Dive right into our spectacular collection of simple wedding dresses. Enjoy the combination of simplicity and utility.

the part of our wedding is quite simple, and I have omitted a lot of wedding parts.

for example, in the sensational part of the wedding, two people give each other some vows, or the host asks, "will you marry him?" and so on. I think it's silly.

because you are already married, who can say no?

so our wedding is for me and my partner to go in together, and then my mother talks, then goes to make a toast, and then it's gone.

I didn't take so many photos outside, and I specially told the camera not to pose, and don't let me "turn my head and take a picture on my back" on the wedding table. I feel very embarrassed.

the little sister who made up at that time also said that it was the fastest wedding she had ever attended.

comic design of Da Mao Ji and her husband, source interviewees

I didn't make any demands on the layout of the wedding. in fact, from my experience of attending the wedding, as a wedding guest, I don't care much about the layout of the scene, but more about the sense of experience.

I have two friends who have married to Shanghai. I find the wedding in Shanghai very interesting.

after the ceremony, they will have a game and a lucky draw, and every guest can interact with each other. I think this is quite fun.

so I added a raffle on it, bought raffle tickets, inserted one on each candy, and then prepared more than 30 gifts of less than 100 yuan, such as portable battery and thermos cups, for the host to smoke.

on the whole, there is nothing wrong with the wedding ceremony. The only thing I regret a little bit is that I didn't play with my friends who have come a long way.

I didn't really think about what kind of wedding I wanted before, but when I was preparing for the wedding, every time I wanted to add more links to interact with you, the time was not particularly permissible. So I think, maybe in 10 years, if there is still time,

I will have another ideal wedding so that everyone can have a good time to commemorate their 10th wedding anniversary.

is also to make up for the unfinished parts of this wedding-such as getting some blind boxes or live interactive games, or stuffing a note into a cookie when welcoming guests, so that guests will have a small note when they eat cookies. you can write a blessing on a small note and nail it to the board, so I can put all the blessings away, which makes sense.

my wedding was held in Zhuhai on September 25 last year.

my ancestral home is from Chaoshan. Last year, my mother was exactly 50 years old. Because of the custom, she did not attend to marry her daughter, and the woman did not need to hold a ceremony, so I put out a drink on my husband's side, and all the guests invited were from the man's side.

I have also considered not having a wedding. First, I don't like messing around, and I am a slightly obsessive-compulsive and anxious girl, so if I enlarge the wedding, but don't do it well in the end, I will feel uncomfortable holding on to that point.

in fact, I pay great attention to the sense of personal ritual, but in the wedding, I am not particularly persistent.

because I think if I spend too much energy and too much money, I will really collapse if I don't have the desired effect in the end.

and the friends around me held a wedding banquet, which cost 200,000 to 300,000, but in the end, there were a lot of dissatisfaction.

there are even people who lose their temper and get into discord at the scene.

so I also said to my husband, "or don't do it."

but my husband said no, according to custom. Because my husband's family concept is very heavy, the relationship between relatives and friends is also very good, who is married will ask the kind of. In addition, my husband and I have been in love for a long time, and his relatives and friends all know that I exist, so it is right for us to hold a wedding reception and invite them to dinner.

I said yes,

then do less, don't spend so much money, I also care about money.

you have 100000 or 200000, why not take the money to the bank or do financial management?

but if you don't spend much money in the first place, you can do it pretty much. So I set myself a wedding budget of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, with only 10 tables.

in my opinion, a wedding is to tell everyone that we are married, married, and thank you and so on. So I didn't ask for it perfectly. I didn't think about what kind of wine to serve, how beautifully to dress, and what kind of wedding photos to take. I didn't even use the big screen at the wedding because the screen cost 2000 yuan to start.

and there is definitely no way to get a refund for a wedding in Guangdong. For example, we spent 30,000 yuan and finally received only more than 10,000 red envelopes. People like me would never spend money unjustly.

so my whole wedding process is very simple.

I came to my husband's house in the morning. After offering tea, I waited for his family and some relatives to come over at noon for a simple meal. I rushed to the hotel at 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon, set up the stage with my friends, and began to welcome the guests at 6 o'clock.

my wedding has no process, that is, the two of us go directly to the stage, and then preside over and speak on our own-first, thank you for coming, then introduce who I am, and then say some words of emotion.

everyone can start to eat. After the meal, everyone takes pictures and goes back.

I didn't do anything sentimental, so I thought everyone would come to eat and drink and go back when they were full, because I had to go back to work the next day.

I don't have a motorcade, so my husband's friend drove to my house to pick me up, which is a simple pick-up. The wedding dress was my mother accompanied me to the shopping street and picked out a dress of about 100 yuan. Including my makeup, there is no, that is, a simple application of sunscreen, applied isolation, put on lipstick, there is no.

it's really casual. Maybe some of the guests are more dazzling than me.

I didn't find a cameraman or photographer either. I just asked my friends to take some pictures of Polaroid for us. Because I prefer to use Polaroid as a souvenir, I think it is necessary to take pictures of weddings.

I really think the minimalist wedding saves me a lot of time and energy, as well as a lot of money.

like me, I define myself as ordinary people, especially my husband, who has already spent money on a car and a house. I think weddings are almost enough, and they must be for the purpose of saving money.

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