Dr. and Mrs. Beijing gave birth to a child prodigy 20 years ago, but the doctor diagnosed that they may have a mental disorder.

/September 2023

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in 2004, a doctor and couple in Beijing gave birth to a child prodigy who could simply add and subtract at the age of two and could read thousands.

the doctor and his wife are currently living in Beijing. Their wife's name is du Jiamei and her husband's name is Xia Yuehui.

du Jiamei was born in 1973 and is a child of an ordinary family in Hunan.

she has been fond of learning since childhood, and her parents have certain expectations of her.

after 12 years of hard study in the cold window, du Jiamei lived up to expectations and achieved excellent results in the college entrance examination. He was admitted by the School of Foreign languages, Hunan normal University.

after going to college, du Jiamei chose her favorite foreign language major, and after graduating from college, she continued to study for a master's degree.

period, du Chia-mei fell in love with Xia Yuehui, a fellow student of the college. Both of them had master's degrees in the college, and they were both from Hunan.

so the two got married not long after they knew each other.

when Xia Yuehui was admitted as a postdoctoral student at Beijing University of posts and Telecommunications, du Jiamei decided to follow in her husband's footsteps, and the two went to Beijing together.

du Jiamei became an English teacher at the School of Foreign languages at Beijing University of Information Science and Technology. Because their career was going smoothly, the two quickly established a foothold in Beijing.

husband Xia Yuehui found a high-paying job in a private company, and du Chia-mei also planned to take the PhD examination. at the same time, her mother-in-law began to urge them to have children.

du Chia-mei also knew that it was time to have a child, or else she would be an old pregnant woman.

after preparing for pregnancy for some time, du Jiamei became pregnant.

but there was an unexpected situation. Du Jiamei went to the hospital for an examination because she was not feeling well when she was three months pregnant.

after hearing the doctor's words, du Chia-mei froze. She finally got pregnant with the baby. How can she say that if it's gone, it's gone?

this incident dealt a heavy blow to du Chia-mei. She blamed herself very much and was very depressed every day. She thought that it must be that she often stayed up late to prepare for lessons that led to the loss of her child.

in order to help Tu Chia-mei out of the shadows, her husband, Xia Yuefeng, often took her out for fun, and gradually Tu Chia-mei had to let it go.

in 2001, after recovering from his health, du Chia-mei became pregnant again. Learning from the previous experience, du Jiamei quit his job and concentrated on raising the baby at home.

du Jiamei and his wife survived the whole pregnancy in fear.

on January 3, 2002, du Jiamei successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and the couple named the baby Fang Xuan.

du Chia-mei and his wife have been taking good care of him in every way, saying that doll education should start from childhood, and du Chia-mei is no exception, insisting on guiding her daughter every day.

the understanding ability of young Xuan Xuan is different from that of his peers. When she was one year old, du Jiamei and Xia Yuehui would take turns telling her stories and coaxing her to sleep. Other people's children fell asleep easily after listening to the story, while Luo Xuan was often fascinated by it and shouted for a long time before he responded.

by the time she was almost two years old, she was able to roughly understand the content of the story. in addition, she was also very talented in mathematics.

most children don't know 1 to 10 until they are three years old, but two-year-old Xuan Xuan was already able to do a simple addition and subtraction.

when the neighbors around her saw that she was only two years old, they could simply count and read. They all praised her for her cleverness and thought she was a child prodigy.

something du Jiamei didn't expect happened:

in June 2004, the community carried out a free child health check-up. Lui Xuan did not listen to the instructions in the inspection process and did not cooperate very much.

the doctor felt very wrong when he saw this situation, so the doctor suggested: take Fang Xuan to the psychiatric department of the big hospital for an examination.

Tu Chia-mei thought that the doctor might have misdiagnosed him. How could he have mental problems because he was so clever?

in order to confirm the doctor's misdiagnosis, du Chia-mei and his wife took Li Xuan to the big hospital for examination the next day.

after arriving at the hospital, the doctor asked Luo Xuan to build a house out of building blocks.

when Zhang Xuan was half finished, the doctor told him to pause for a while, but he turned a deaf ear.

when her parents called her, there was no response, and they didn't talk to them until the house was finished.

when du Jiamei and his wife saw this, they suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem.

after several tests by the doctor, it was diagnosed that Li Xuan really had a serious communication disorder, that is to say, she suffered from congenital autism.

the doctor said that the child is still young, and if he gets guided treatment in time, it is still possible to return to normal.

in order to accompany Luo Xuan to do rehabilitation treatment. Xia Yuehui quit her high-paying job and moved to a country with plenty of time.Go to work in a company.

du Chia-mei also concentrates on doing rehabilitation training with her daughter every day.

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not only that, the couple also consulted a lot of information about autism, and consulted many experts in this field, and finally decided to learn from foreign treatments.

through education and training and collocation intervention, the couple corrected Li Xuan's stereotyped behavior bit by bit.

with the joint efforts of husband and wife, Lui Xuan was able to communicate with them simply at the age of 5.

after entering the school, Xuan Xuan also tried to have some simple communication with his classmates at school.

in this way, Xuan Xuan began to make friends, and a few years later, Xuan Xuan's social skills were the same as those of normal children.

in 2018, Shan Xuan was admitted to a key university.

du Jiamei shared her 10-year rehabilitation training experience for Lan Xuan on the Internet. She hopes that her sharing can help more parents of autistic children.

to this end, du Chia-mei also answered questions related to autism for these parents for free.

in 2013, du Jiamei was selected as the "Ten Civilization figures who moved Haidian."

du Jiamei has been facing her autistic daughter for ten years, and she has never thought of giving up. No wonder the world says that maternal love is the greatest love in the world.

Women are originally weak, but mothers are tough, and the power of maternal love makes us go further.

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