Technical secondary school diploma entered CCTV, took care of children alone after divorce, married ordinary people for the second time, did Ju Ping have a good life?

/September 2023

"the big windmill squeaks and turns, the scenery here is really beautiful, the sky is beautiful, and there are happy friends together."

Today, I believe many people can't help humming along when they hear the melody of the song "windmill".

the once popular children's program "Big windmill" on CCTV not only accompanied the childhood of countless post-80s and post-90s generations, but also the sweet and approachable host Ju Ping was affectionately known as "Sister Ju Ping".

in the twinkling of an eye, 28 years later, "Sister Ju Ping" has already become "Grandma Ju Ping".

she accompanied countless people's childhood with her youth

how is Sister Ju Ping, who is already 56 years old?


from low achiever to CCTV children's program host

in 1966, Ju Ping was born in an ordinary family in Beijing. As the youngest daughter in the family, Ju Ping has been spoiled since childhood.

in 1969, Ju Ping went to Zhengyang County, Henan Province with her parents, but the young Ju Ping did not find it hard. As a child, she not only quickly adapted to the new environment, but also became a child king.

Ju Ping, who is lively in character, is a "low achiever" in her study.

after school, what Ju Ping fears most is math class. She "faints" in class. Everyone else can understand a simple math problem, but Ju Ping just doesn't understand it.

in desperation, my mother had to study the math problems thoroughly by herself, and then taught Ju Ping how to do it.

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the mother, who was worried about her daughter's grades, personally took Ju Ping to visit the math teacher when she returned to Beijing.

thanks to her mother's efforts, during that time, Ju Ping's grades finally improved and she was successfully promoted to junior high school.

but in junior high school, math knowledge becomes more esoteric, and it becomes more difficult for Ju Ping, whose foundation is not solid, to learn.

in this way, after graduating from junior high school, Ju Ping has just been able to go to a technical secondary school, and her parents feel that girls can be very proud to be a teacher when they grow up.

Ju Ping is very happy that she doesn't have to study math every day.

in the days of early childhood education, Ju Ping is very happy. While learning professional knowledge, she also actively participates in extracurricular activities.

when she was about to graduate, Ju Ping learned from her classmates that CCTV was recruiting students to form a choir. She thought it was an opportunity and went to sign up without much thought.

it was this small decision that changed the direction of Ju Ping's life.

among the many applicants, Ju Ping was not conspicuous. During the interview, the staff asked everyone to introduce themselves to the camera.

most people face the camera for the first time and inevitably get nervous. Some girls blush shyly and don't speak smoothly when they see the camera.

when it was Ju Ping's turn, she stepped onto the stage graciously, stood still and calmly introduced herself.

Ju Ping's performance made the interview teachers nod frequently and attracted the attention of Chen duo, a photographer of the choir.

Chen duo is not only a photographer of the choir, he also has another identity-- the host of CCTV.

seeing the sense of mirror that Ju Ping felt different from ordinary people just now, Chen duo thought that she might be a good girl for a host.

after the interview, Chen duo found Ju Ping. In the course of chatting, Chen duo learned that Ju Ping was studying as a kindergarten teacher, and that she had the talent to host and was born as a kindergarten teacher. A bold idea appeared in Chen duo's mind.

Chen duo asked Ju Ping if she had any plans to become a host. Ju Ping had never thought of changing careers before. She was worried that she could not be a good host and did not promise Chen duo immediately.

when she got home, Ju Ping told her parents about it. Her enlightened parents told her that she had the opportunity to be a host on CCTV. It was an opportunity in her life, and she should take advantage of it.

persuaded Ju Ping, Chen duo persuaded the leader of CCTV to get an interview for Ju Ping, because at that time, the CCTV host had to have a college degree or above to qualify for an interview, while Ju Ping only had a technical secondary school degree.

in November 1984, Ju Ping was transferred to the Youth Department of CCTV and became a youth program host, starting her career as a host.


while the career is going well, it also ushered in love

Ju Ping uses her own strength to prove that the leader's choice is correct.

after entering the second year of the CCTV Youth Department, Ju Ping was assigned to host the CCTV children's program "Tangram."

Ju Ping's kind and lively hosting style has been warmly welcomed by the children and has since been affectionately known as "Sister Ju Ping".

in 1989, Ju Ping stepped onto the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. For the host, being able to enter CCTV is already one in a million, and those who can stand out from among the many hosting elites to host the Spring Festival Gala are even more rare.

it wasn't easy, but Ju Ping did it.

in 1995, Ju Ping was responsible for hosting the children's educational entertainment program "Big windmill".

at this time, Ju Ping is already the "number one" of the children's channel. After several years of polishing and diligence, both the host ability and the control ability of the program have been perfected.

"Gale"As soon as the car was broadcast, it was widely loved by the audience. Since then, Ju Ping's host career began to sing all the way.

Ju Ping, who went well in her career, also ushered in her love.

in order to attend an important event, Ju Ping is going to buy a pair of suitable shoes.

after visiting several stores without choosing the right shoes, Ju Ping, who was ready to go home, walked into the last shoe store.

as soon as Ju Ping entered the store, the store owner Jiang Qixing recognized her, but he did not disturb Ju Ping when she was carefully choosing shoes. Ju Ping looked around and didn't see the shoes she liked. Seeing Ju Ping walking out of the shoe store in disappointment, Jiang Qixing immediately greeted Ju Ping and asked her about her request for shoes.

although in the end, Ju Ping still did not choose the right shoes, but Jiang Qixing wrote down her needs, and Ju Ping was deeply impressed by Jiang Qixing's inexcessively intrusive and thoughtful attitude.

to Ju Ping's surprise, a few days later, Ju Ping, who was working in Taiwan, suddenly received a large package. in doubt, she opened the package with more than 20 pairs of shoes of different styles. Ju Ping tried, but they all fit.

later, Ju Ping learned that in the process of choosing shoes with her, Jiang Qixing, the owner of the shoe store, wrote down her size and the characteristics of her feet and went to the factory to make them overnight.

afraid that Ju Ping doesn't like it, she simply made more than 20 pairs, and there is always one pair that Ju Ping likes.

Ju Ping was very moved when she learned this. In order to express her gratitude, she invited Jiang Qixing to dinner. Gradually, the two became acquainted with each other.

coming and going, the two developed from friends to lovers, and Jiang Qixing took good care of Ju Ping and was gentle and prepared.

after a period of contact, Ju Ping felt that Jiang Qixing was a man who could be entrusted for life, so she told her parents the news that she wanted to marry Jiang Qixing.

when Ju Ping's parents heard that each other was a business shoe store owner, they expressed strong opposition. Although Ju Ping repeatedly assured her parents that Jiang Qixing was a very good person and was good to herself, her parents were not optimistic about the marriage.

in the eyes of their parents, although their daughter Ju Ping works for CCTV and has done a good job in her career, they know her character best. They do not attach great importance to external material conditions, while Jiang Qixing is a businessman.

their life circles are not the same, their values are different, and there will inevitably be a lot of contradictions after marriage.

but Ju Ping, who fell in love, turned a deaf ear to her parents' advice. She thought that since the two loved each other and felt suitable for each other, it was only natural to get married.

the parents, who could not beat their daughter, had to reluctantly agree to their marriage.

at the age of 25, Ju Ping married Jiang Qixing with a beautiful vision of marriage.


I thought I was going into a happy marriage, but I was disappointed

in the second year of marriage, Ju Ping's son was born and named Jiang Yiyao.

after the baby was born, the life of the family of three became sweeter and sweeter. Ju Ping had to give up part of her job in order to take care of the child, but she did not complain.

but when she is busy with her work while taking care of the children, there is less communication between Ju Ping and her husband Jiang Qixing.

gradually, Ju Ping found that Jiang Qixing had changed, and his male chauvinism was gradually exposed. She went home from work every day, waiting to be "waited on."

in the face of Jiang Qixing's changes, Ju Ping was somewhat dissatisfied, but looking at her young son, she comforted herself that whose marriage was not flawed at all. In China, it is not uncommon for men and women to dominate inside and outside.

in this way, under Ju Ping's "tolerance", the disadvantages of Jiang Qixing's character become more and more prominent.

once, Ju Ping's friend came to the house as a guest. Ju Ping was busy cleaning up the house and greeting her friends. Jiang Qixing sat leisurely on the sofa drinking tea.

after dinner and friends left, Ju Ping began to clean up.

looking at his wife wiping the floor with a rag, Jiang Qixing not only did not help, but also sat on the sofa in command.

"Hey, it's dirty here, don't you see?"

the bitterness of life is almost entirely weighed on Ju Ping. Fortunately, her son grows up and Ju Ping gradually relaxes.

while taking care of her son, Ju Ping's career is also gradually improving, while Jiang Qixing's business is at a low ebb.

what is surprising is that instead of finding a way to save the business, Jiang Qixing broke the pot and broke down. Instead of doing business, he became idle at home.

he thinks

anyway, my wife earns a lot of money, so she doesn't have to go out and travel at all, and there is no pressure to stay at home.

in the face of her husband's lack of progress, Ju Ping tolerated again and again, taking a step back and thinking that there was nothing wrong with the man inside and outside, and that she could spend more time with her son.

shouldering the heavy burden of supporting her family, Ju Ping spent more time on her work. When CCTV was busy and Ju Ping couldn't get away, she told him to take good care of her son at home.

but Jiang Qixing's performance once again let Ju Ping down.

when she got home one day, Ju Ping found her son's voice hoarse, while Jiang Qixing was lying on the sofa, only playing games.

Family conflicts began to break out, just like the water that opened the sluice gate, which could not be blocked. Since then, Ju Ping and Jiang Qixing often quarreled over some trivial matters of life.

for the sake of her children, Ju Ping kept giving in and patient, but Jiang Qixing's actions discouraged her again and again.

their marriage is in jeopardy.

in 1999, with a view to marriageDisappointed, Ju Ping and Jiang Qixing went to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce, and Ju Ping got custody of her son.


7 years of marriage ends sadly, and 10 years later reap true love

after the divorce, Ju Ping lived alone with her son.

only when she is very busy will Ju Ping leave her children to her grandparents to take care of. Usually, as long as she has time, Ju Ping insists on picking up the children herself.

because she doesn't want her child's mother's company to disappear without her father's company.

while trying to accompany her children, Ju Ping is also constantly improving her career, because she knows that in addition to companionship, hard work can bring her son a better life.

Ju Ping's hard work is in the eyes of her parents, and her grandson will soon come of age. Under Ju Ping's guidance, she is very sensible and obedient. They don't have to worry, but their daughter's future makes them worry.

fate is sometimes such a wonderful thing. Not long after Ju Ping promised her parents to consider remarriage, Yang Shuo appeared.

in 2009, Ju Ping met Yang Shuo, an outsider, after being introduced by a friend.

when we met for the first time, Yang Shuo was very fond of Ju Ping, who was approachable.

while Yang Shuo poured water and picked up food for Ju Ping, he showed gentlemanly manners everywhere, but he was careful and enthusiastic, which left a good impression on Ju Ping.

through communication, Ju Ping found that although Yang Shuo was a businessman, she was very knowledgeable when chatting with her, and there were many common topics between the two.

at this time, Ju Ping is already in her early 40s. After the polishing of life and the last failed marriage, she understands that marriage requires more than love. Whether the two people have the same values or not is the key to determine whether the marriage can last.

although she knew what she wanted, Ju Ping never dared to take the last step.

in the face of Ju Ping's hesitation, Yang Shuo was in no hurry. He had already asked his friend about Ju Ping and knew that she must be worried that her son would not accept him, so he had some worries.

as a result, Yang Shuo often creates opportunities and residences

Jiang Yiyao

when we meet, we know that children like stars, so they go to make up the knowledge of stars.

Jiang Yiyao didn't grow up with his father when he was very young, and he longed for fatherly love, so when Yang Shuo appeared in front of him, he was also very happy. Unwittingly, the two had a common topic.